2 – REbound

First let me start by saying, Thank You!  Thank You for reading along with me.  Whether you have read all of the last 30 posts or a few here and there, thank you!   I set out to complete a 32 day process of writing in this blog to kickstart my writing process.  You know, to WD-40 the writing joint?!?  That being said, I don’t see myself posting daily and clogging up everyone’s inbox with my daily notes.  And I also don’t foresee myself writing so much about myself.  The commitment of writing daily pushed me to look inside and find something new to share each day.  With a little more time in between writing, I can explore more, take a few pics with my fancy cameras (and then glamourize them with all my apps) and focus in on some areas that I love.  Like books, people, places, and a little fashion, too!  Okay, maybe a lot of fashion!  Point being more to come only less frequently.

So, what is REbound you ask?

Me!  Today I experienced myself completing a full rebound!  As I shared in my last post about procrastination, I was up late last night completing and had an 8am appt this morning.  Not enough sleep for this girl.  I was grouchy, frustrated, short tempered, and then judging myself for all of the above.  I had a few interactions with some people that triggered the heck out of me and I was ripe for a brawl!  I got the dark side, YEP!, and it was rearing to go today.  At about 10.15a, after a lovely co-worker tried to say good morning and I scowled, I decided it was time for an intervention with myself.  You see, I work in a tight environment.  There is no hiding.  And when that dark side is mirrored back to me it just makes it more amplified and yucky.  So I got up and went for a short walk, vented to a friend, let the energy go, and I chose to re-engage my day.  It wasn’t easy at first.  I was in that energy of a stubborn, petulant child.  I was frustrated and I wanted to be. Not really, but you know what I mean when you get stuck in something and instead of releasing the pressure, it just builds in our attempt to justify it.  Well, guess what?  I let it go.  I just chose to remember who I am and that none of it really matters anyways and that being in that energetic would just suck ASS!  So I gave it up.

Tonight when I was cooking myself some delicious foods and feeling so good for taking care of myself, I had the awareness that I had totally rebounded my day.  It wasn’t a crappy day at all.  It was a great day!  Yes!

WE all have superpowers.  We just have to be willing to use them.

For your consideration…

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