3 – Procrastination

Anyone out there have the cure for procrastination?  I would so like a quick fix on that one. I know we all have a little procrastination in us and if I were to evaluate my level of procrastination I would say it is the theme of keeping me a “last minute Lucy.”  You know what I mean?

I am interested in so many things and therefore am often juggling many things at once. This is designed by choice and brings me a lot of joy and inspiration.  In essence, by nature, I am signed up for more than I can accomplish in the 24 hours of the day.  (If I could rock 4 hours of sleep, I might be on to something!) That being said, if in all that I am engaged in, I have clarified something I will for sure do that day, I find myself doing it late, late into the night.  Like this here blog post.  Ugh!

I know it’s not complicated to unravel procrastination.  I’d just like to not do it anymore.  I’d like it to be that simple.  I won’t procrastinate anymore.  Hmm.  I don’t think that will work.  Plus I have learned from some smartee pants people that putting anything in the negative is a sure fire way of not making it happen.  Let’s try this again.

My intention is to set realistic goals for myself, honoring who I am, my inquisitive and always learning nature, while finding abundant daily completions.  I will place my energy first, on those high dividend items.

AKA: Do less. Do the most important stuff first. Do less. :-)

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