“Do you want five more minutes?”

Says the sweet nail lady as she has just been massaging my hand and arm!  But, OF COURSE, I will take five more!!  I would take 100 more if I had the time and cash!

I can honestly say the quality of my life experience would be significantly impacted if all the little nail shops all over the place were to go away.  It is a quick, convenient, and replenishing respite that I can treat myself to any time.  And I love the extra five minute, okay ten, sometimes fifteen minute massage I can add on.  If they have the knack, that five minute massage can be the difference maker in my week.

I say YES! Go for the extra!

For your consideration…

P.S. I am reminded in these experiences too how much positive reinforcement brightens anyone’s day.  When I am nitpicking about not cutting my cuticles or what have you, my sweet nail lady can seem a little put off/grumpy.  When I am in awe from her talented massage and saying , “WoW!” she skips away with glee to get the hot towel.  Everyone wants to know they are doing a good job.  It’s so easy to share the love. xo

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