I always feel more beautiful when…

I choose to honor my body when it calls me and sleep in rather than get up and start “doing” my life.

I call my Mom and choose to listen to what she has to say and share.

I hold and allow another car the space and time to come into my lane of traffic.  (I love being the person that doesn’t pretend not to see them.)

I make myself a cup of mint tea and I consciously take in it’s restoration.

I take a yoga class and instead of following every pose the lovely instructor calls, I also listen to my body and move into what it calls.

I stop and pet a four-legged friend and remember how sweet and pure their love is.

I ask for what I want with clarity and an open heart, knowing I have no attachments to the outcome.

I decide to let something go that I have been holding on to.

I ask a stranger how they are doing and mean it.

I remember to say “please” and “thank you” to staff at establishments I am patronizing.

I create time to be quiet, to meditate even if it is for a minute in my car before I go into work.

I look into a homeless person’s face and I acknowledge their being-ness.

I recall the friendship I created with my grandfather when he was alive.

I consciously take a risk and share something that may invite feedback I prefer not to hear.

I sit and listen to a classical piece of music and feel the notes in my soul.  (Adagio for Strings is a favorite.)

I remember where I came from; a place I know I will visit again.

I have come to understand (and sometimes I forget) that I feel most beautiful when I am in my heart.  When I am choosing Love with myself, it is only then I can be in Love with all else.  And this place is beyond any other dimension I can comprehend.  When I am here, I cannot understand why I would choose anything else and then I remember my humanity.  So, I continue to remember who I am – a Loving Soul and I hold in the gratitude that I get the opportunity to experience all of it.  It all leads me back to Love eventually.

When do you feel most beautiful?  I would love to hear.  Please share.


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