Peaches and Cilantro? Yes!

I discovered a whole new level of food with a good friend a few years back. She taught me the simplicity of working with a few ingredients and not to let cooking intimidate me. It was her art. A craft which she had nurtured and developed over many years. Her ease with cooking created many shared delicious occasions and it also served to inspire me to try new things; her mentorship provided me a sense of confidence and willingness to embark on my own art with food.

It always feels good to cook. In many ways there is an experience of nurturance it evokes unlike anything else. Creating healthy and beautiful sustenance for myself and others. What could be better? :-)

After seeing the delicious crates of peaches at Trader Joe’s, I remembered this article I tore from NY Times Magazine over a year ago. I still had it attached to my fridge door. Mark Bittman has served as a food educator for me via the NY Times over the years.

I chose the simplicity of the cilantro recipe because I liked that there wasn’t too many other ingredients to compete with the peaches and it called for a dash of cayenne pepper. I’m always drawn to some spice. Needlesstosay, it came out perfect and it was super easy.

You still have time to try a few of them!

For your consideration…

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