It’s never what you say, it’s how you say it…

My most amazing coach has taught me many things! The one that I hear myself repeating and sharing the most is:

ALL problems can be solved by one thing.


I swear I have never heard more sage advice.

Any challenge.  Any problem can be solved with or through communication. Imagine that.

Our ability to communicate is our most prized opportunity for learning.  It’s not easy to do. We all hear through our own filters. We carry so many thoughts and feelings around with who we are and what we think and what we think we believe that this becomes the lens in which we receive our lives, in which we hear other people’s words and expression.  This affects how we communicate.

The point, is to call forward the power of communication.  We’ve been told a lot of messages about how to interact, how to communicate, when to communicate etc. There are a million different way to slice and dice communication mastery.  It all boils down to this: It doesn’t really matter what you say.  It might be feedback of a constructive nature.  It might be prizing.  It might be your opinion  about something.  It might be something really important to you.

If you want to be heard.  If you want to share and engage.  If you want to be understood.  If you want to create connection for yourself and perhaps with another. What matters is how you share it; how you say it.

This is an opportunity we carry through our lives.  And with each opportunity we have a choice to focus on the how.  Sometimes we forget about that choice.  It’s okay.  It happens to all of us.  Do better next time.

For your consideration.

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  • orla says:

    so true! thank you for reminding me how important this is – I have set intention to actively practise…..

  • Davia says:

    Love it, love it. I try more to remember this very thing. I’m, so passionate about many things and love to “share”, that I sometimes may come accross in a way that may affend , which is never my intention. Thank you for this insight.

  • Rebecca says:

    Love it. And don’t forget the flip side: listening. The most powerful tool in getting yourself heard is your ability to listen!

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