A critical question to ask yourself…


This may sound so basic and yet I find in life that the simplest things tend to be the most profound, especially when they are brought forward at the perfect, synchronistic time.

This question was offered to me by my coach and it lives on the chalkboard in my living area. Why? Because I choose to remind myself of this very simple and powerful question.

Where am I coming from?

Right now. In this moment. When I make a choice. Or decide something about myself or my life. When I answer an email. When I speak with someone I love. Or anyone for that matter. Where am I inside? Where am I coming from? What place? What space? What mental thought or emotion?

Think about it.

For a moment.

If we give ourselves the opportunity to ask this question before we act, decide, do…imagine the impact on the outcome.


If we create the space to intentionally decide where we want to come from rather than being at the mercy of one dimension of ourselves. To be mindful. Thoughtful.

What would that be like? For you?

For your consideration.

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  • Elana says:

    This is so important. Where I’m coming from internally informs the decisions I make and how I live. When I parent, am I coming from fear or love? When I’m engaged with someone in discussion, am I coming from fear or love? Thank you for highlighting this.

  • Momma D says:

    What a conscience, caring thoughtful perspective. Reflective of that old advice “think before we speak”, “take a breath, take 5″. But it’s more than that, deeper. When we ‘truly care’ about our fellow human being as we care about ourselves, wonderful things happen. True happiness and peace of mind occur. God is in the room. Love you daughter. Such a true Joy watching and listening to you share and grow. Thank you for all your insight. You’ve truly inhanced my life .

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