In the way

Are you in the way?

Come on. Somewhere, you are in your own way.

And where might you be holding a place in someone else’s way? Someone you love. Someone you compete with inside yourself or someone you compare yourself to and where you have made up some cockamamie story that they have something you don’t or should have.

Where are you using someone else’s life or your perception thereof as an excuse to be in your own way?

Where are you in the way?

In the way of your life, of your dreams, of experiencing the fullness of you, of your God-given destiny?  Where have you exchanged that gift for a lesser, easier, more comfortable version of life because it’s the road more traveled, it’s familiar, it’s less likely to cause any ruckus or draw attention to you. You are used to it.

Where are you making stuff up inside your head impeding your connection, your direct and Divine connection to your Heart?

What’s the place where you so easily block yourself? Whats the spot you call your weakness? Your vulnerability?

It just may be your portal through.

Find it. Call it. Know it.

And shine the LIGHT all over it.

Pray. Meditate. Get quiet near it and ask for help.

A coach, therapist, a good listening friend.

God. He/She’s there. Any time.

The way is clear.

Anytime you are ready.

The way can be made clear.

For your consideration…

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  • I love any writing with the word “cockamamie” in it!

    This is a wonderful reminder that sometimes the roadblocks we CREATE in our lives are actually tied to comparison of the unobstructed reality that we THINK others have and that we “deserve”.

    Thank you for this my friend!

    Lots of love,


  • Elana says:

    This is my favorite: “Where are you making stuff up inside your head impeding your connection, your direct and Divine connection to your Heart?”

    Love it. Thank you. :)

  • Linda Lester says:

    Very interesting, isn’t amazing how we can let that little voice inside our heads take over and control our destinies! You have such a gift for getting to the truth, I am always grateful for your wisdom! Thank you, Love you!!

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