1 – Writing is my Art!

I have a yearning in my heart to write.  My grandfather used to acknowledge my writings and his praise was such a wonderful encouragement.  I began to believe in myself as a writer from him.  He was actually a beautiful writer himself and some of the letters he sent me via snail mail and email are of my most treasured possessions.  He had a way with words in that there was such clarity.  His tone was jovial, light, honest and yet he shared things that ran deep – his feelings.  He was a man that gave himself permission to be vulnerable in his writings and he took you on a journey.

I believe we are all artists and are making art all the time, we just don’t always realize it.  It might be in the way that we listen to a friend, tell a story, lead a conference call, make a bed, teach something to our child, or organize our house.  You know those things that when you do them, there is such grace.  It’s often effortless and you typically have a moment inside where you know you are shining, even just for a bit.  You feel good and that humble sense of fulfillment fills your belly.  It’s really beautiful.  Those are the moments of life.  That is the nectar.  And I say that with such a full heart.  We all deserve to experience that and begin teaching through our example that way of being.

I hold for all of us that it becomes more natural to pursue those experiences and to give ourself permission to not only excel in them as we naturally do, but also to recognize in ourselves, our art and to do more of it!  You see, we have been living in a world where we’ve been conditioned to be “good,” to obey, be quiet, fit in, and definitely, most definitely not to toot our own horn and be conceited! God forbid!  Our world is different now.  We need to stand forward in our strengths, in our art, because it gives others permission to do so and also because it creates the experience of Joy and Love. Spreading Joy and Love is in need and it is so vital to our evolution.  If you are hiding behind some false sense that you don’t have art in you or that it’s not okay to be amazing and brilliant.  Please, just knock it off.  We don’t have time to stay in that place any further. The world is changing rapidly and seeing your art, giving yourself permission to stand in it, is now.

For your consideration…

p.s. this was my 32nd post…more to come soon. :-)

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7 – Asking

I recently committed to a fundraising goal of $1000 for something I wholeheartedly believe in.  Last year, I committed to $500 and because I had more monies than I do now, I just paid it myself.  I wasn’t really sure how I was going to raise the $1000 this year and there was a knowing inside myself that I was ready to go for it.

I have to say that I realize the only difference between this year and last was my learning how to ask.  In the past, I could have fallen into the category of a person that “does a lot for others” and didn’t always feel that being reciprocated.  I see now that I was challenged at asking for what I wanted.  Sometimes the things I want or need are things that come from within and then there are those other areas where it is okay to ask for support.  I am learning that skill and with this fundraising effort it was so much fun to ask and watch it easily come to fruition!  It was awesome to see people I have not spoken with since high school donating to my goal. I realized that we all want to be called forward to support and it cannot hurt to ask.  Many times, by asking we are providing an opportunity for another to stand up and participate. This point is demonstrated in some beautiful fundraising that is occurring supporting individuals affected by the recent events in Boston.  Check this out!  And here are few more.

I am so grateful for the generosity that was demonstrated to me in raising this $1000.  I am absolutely more inclined to fundraise again and more importantly, I am excited to respond to others that ask me!


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13 – Inspiration

I can wander away the time just like the best of them surfing the web.  What I am often most delighted with is the infinite number of interesting individuals out there that are engaging, sharing their knowledge, and expressing who they are.  It invigorates me, sometimes scares me, and it encourages me to continue on my own path of creative self-expression and personal branding.  I actually foresee creating a personal brand regardless of what your industry or vocation is, as essential and smart thinking.

That being said, I am sharing a few of my favorites in no particular order…

Emma’s Blog

Gwennie’s Goop



Danielle LaPorte

Apartment Therapy

Garance Dore

Guy Kawasaki

Your Wishcake – the sweetest blog ever.

Alicia’s Kind Life

For your consideration…

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Nana Korobi Ya Oki

Fall down seven, get up eight…

An insightful friend shared this Japanese phrase with me a few years back and I didn’t realize then how much of a theme of life it truly has been for me. When I gain clarity around something I want to do, learn, achieve, understand, experience or have there is little pause to go after it. What I find along the way in my endeavor, life really, is where I end up needing to exercise my “nana korobi ya oki.”

I am a fighter for sure so being tenacious and persevering are definite qualities that I resemble. That’s not to say that I have had an unfair share of obstacles but rather, because of my innate reflex to persevere it is difficult for me to give up. This has often served me well and probably been my greatest motivator to succeed but it has also been my biggest distraction. The motivator is hopefully self-explanatory but the distraction is due to my relentless pursuit. It’s as though I feel a loyalty to my decision and keeping my word and I forget that I can either change my mind, analyze the feedback (whatever that may be) or change the route. As I have matured this lesson comes up much earlier in the process which is great but every now and then when I am knee deep, I catch myself and it is really the tenth time I am getting up….

Which brings me to balance and my intention to achieve gracious balance. It has become very clear to me that when I am truly sitting in a place of balance, it is then that I can be of service to my Self and others. It is then that I am filled up with joy. I realize even as I write there is a sense of understanding that I can still be in service while I approach this place of gracious balance and that there is a need to balance even in the pursuit. Not to get my thoughts tongue tied but it is an interesting quest I am seeking and I know I am not alone in this. My life habits, thoughts, goals, behaviors are all connected, moving me away from balance. Some say, we are all “baked” by the time we are seven years old. However, I am not really seeking to change my essence. I am more interested in learning to adjust my behaviors and/or the reaction I have to things that happen around me which tend to draw me out of balance. The idea of pressing pause; kind of like letting your life happen in slow motion sometimes can really be life altering. Not to get off the subject but a great Gwyneth Paltrow movie, “Sliding Doors” shows how such small changes can really adjust the outcome of your life. If only she had caught the train….

With that said, I embrace my inner “nana” and will get on with this quest towards gracious balance.


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