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This past weekend I spent two nights “glamping” at El Capitan Canyon with 7 of my best high school friends and their families. It was awesome! I actually think this was the first time being with them that I was exactly who I am and was totally comfortable.

We told the stories that need to be told that bring us back to who we were (and still are) and what brought us together way back when. The personality and uniqueness of each one of us came forward in just the same intonation and timing as it does each time we are together. Not to be too sappy but it was a sweet symphony to experience. We are a bit of an eclectic group as it relates to where all of our lives have gone and yet, the nuances of where we all came from – pretty much the same place, was still present. We recognized our good fortune, then and now, and we remembered.

It was a clear reminder for me of the blessing I received when I switched schools in the ninth grade. Initially I was not a happy camper because I skipped graduating junior high due to the new school beginning high school with the ninth grade. However, come tenth grade, I began my friendships with them and they proceeded to really deepen and grow in the eleventh and twelfth years. Had I stayed where we lived prior, it’s possible I would not have gone to undergraduate. I really don’t know. As well, they were kind of a pack which in some aspects began in junior high or earlier and I somehow found myself in the middle of that pack. Sweet. It’s a lot of fun in high school when you have a great group of friends. I have always known that I got lucky.

What I took away from this short time with them was a deeper acceptance and appreciation for who I am. In our high school years, we are so impressionable and we live and breath often by the thoughts, feelings and reactions of our friends. Being with them was a reminder that their love and acceptance was always there – even if we did judge each other from time to time as teenagers. Our friendship was unconditional and it still is.

Allowing it be okay to be who we really are is a game that resides within. It’s so easy to think it’s outside ourselves especially as inexperienced beings. I felt such a sweet sense of resolve and gratitude for the love I have with and for them and also that I can be me. They would have been the ones I would have cared most what they thought and I got in their presence that when I am okay with me, then they will be too – as would the universe. How we feel inside is mirrored back to us. It’s an energetic gift. That way we can see how we are projecting ourselves in the world.

It’s ALL for us. All of it. Friends. Events. Experiences. Learnings. If we choose to see it through that filter.

For your consideration…

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“Sending Light.”  “So much Light!”  “I am sending Light ahead.”

What do I mean by this?

Short version: I am offering up a blessing of Love.

Longer version: In the last few years I have adopted these phrases and I often share them with my loved ones, those that know exactly what I am referencing and those that don’t. Initially, I would catch myself prior to saying, so as not to confuse someone or be asked to explain what I meant.  I didn’t want to be misunderstood and I also didn’t really want to explain why I was saying the word “light” or what I meant by it.  I hoped the way I shared and the moments I chose to share, it would be fairly self explanatory where I was coming from.  Plus we all have an idea of what Light means – at least in the literal sense. Light is bright, illuminating, a form of energy.

Soon, I decided not to worry about being misunderstood, trusting my intention and knowing it would shine through whenever I expressed it. And pretty soon my loved ones that weren’t already saying it themselves, were now reflecting it back to me.  It’s really quite wonderful, language, and how we use it to communicate. It goes to show that the listening behind what is being said is really where the understanding comes from.

So, I want to share a little bit more about what Light is…for me.

Light is spiritual.  Light is Love.  Light is God.  Light is prayer.  Light is calling forward the energy of the Precious Presence or the perfection of Love that is available to any of us at any time.  Light is Joy.  Light is goodwill.  Light is a blessing.  Light is the power of the holy spirit, the universe, God, whatever higher power any of us choose to call home.  Light is available.  If we choose to see it and call on it.

When I express my blessings of Light, I am saying that my Loving and heartfelt attention is calling on, asking for, and offering an intention of Grace, Ease, Expansion, Healing, Divinity, Wholeness, Radiance…you get the picture, to be sent directly to you or the situation.  This is my prayer.

For  your consideration.

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Who are you?

Have you ever really asked yourself this question?

I participated in a workshop this past weekend that was life transforming. I experienced a knowing of who I am in a way I never have before. It was profound and beautiful. I am just letting it assimilate in my consciousness. So that is all I can really clearly articulate about the experience.

However, I wanted to share a little experiment that anyone can do. If you were to sit in a comfortable space, close your eyes, maybe light a candle to clear the energy where you’re sitting and put your hand on your heart. If that sounds strange just remember we’re doing an experiment. With your eyes closed and your hand on your heart, ask yourself, Who Am I? (You can say it silently or out loud whichever works for you…remember it’s an experiment.)


Listen inside.

Hear the response in your consciousness.

And repeat this for about 10 minutes.

As you go through this experiment be aware of how you feel in your body and what is coming forward. No evaluation or judging is necessary here. Just be in neutral observation of what comes forward when you ask yourself the question, Who Am I?

After about 10 minutes (you can use your phone as a timer) write down in a journal or on a piece of paper what came forward.

Sit with that for awhile and see where this experiment into your heart took you.

Were there any surprises? Maybe something came forward you haven’t thought of for awhile? An expression of yourself you haven’t given permission to for some time?

Just be with this fresh insight and consider taking one action step that will bring you closer to expressing more of who you truly are.

Come on! No one else can do you like you! And, the world needs more of you being authentically YOU!

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Let’s Be in the Love


There is a lot of loving going on right now with the amazing news today! And a whole lot of singing too, Im sure.

I felt inspired to fly on the tails of this beautiful news to encourage all of us to be asking the question, “What Makes Your Heart Sing?” In the spirit of equality, freedom, and the open-heartedness that is in the air, it’s okay to be doing things, moving towards, being with whatever makes your Heart sing. Life is just too short to handle it any other way.


ps. I just wrote this blog post from my iPhone! Yes!

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I always feel more beautiful when…

I choose to honor my body when it calls me and sleep in rather than get up and start “doing” my life.

I call my Mom and choose to listen to what she has to say and share.

I hold and allow another car the space and time to come into my lane of traffic.  (I love being the person that doesn’t pretend not to see them.)

I make myself a cup of mint tea and I consciously take in it’s restoration.

I take a yoga class and instead of following every pose the lovely instructor calls, I also listen to my body and move into what it calls.

I stop and pet a four-legged friend and remember how sweet and pure their love is.

I ask for what I want with clarity and an open heart, knowing I have no attachments to the outcome.

I decide to let something go that I have been holding on to.

I ask a stranger how they are doing and mean it.

I remember to say “please” and “thank you” to staff at establishments I am patronizing.

I create time to be quiet, to meditate even if it is for a minute in my car before I go into work.

I look into a homeless person’s face and I acknowledge their being-ness.

I recall the friendship I created with my grandfather when he was alive.

I consciously take a risk and share something that may invite feedback I prefer not to hear.

I sit and listen to a classical piece of music and feel the notes in my soul.  (Adagio for Strings is a favorite.)

I remember where I came from; a place I know I will visit again.

I have come to understand (and sometimes I forget) that I feel most beautiful when I am in my heart.  When I am choosing Love with myself, it is only then I can be in Love with all else.  And this place is beyond any other dimension I can comprehend.  When I am here, I cannot understand why I would choose anything else and then I remember my humanity.  So, I continue to remember who I am – a Loving Soul and I hold in the gratitude that I get the opportunity to experience all of it.  It all leads me back to Love eventually.

When do you feel most beautiful?  I would love to hear.  Please share.


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Love III

Over the long weekend, I had the privilege of spending it with good friends in a beautiful place – the bay area, enjoying good foods, experiencing good company, all of which created blessed memories. :-)

What was most profound to me during this time with my friends was the love that I was aware of, that was surrounding me, filling me, and overflowing from me.  Call it mid-life, emotional or just conscious living, I was acutely aware and filled up by the love I have for these individuals, my dear friends.  I mean they are good people and there are many things/attributes to love about them and it was more pure than that.  It was like I was so connected to the bond that we have created over the years, the ways in which we have held for each other – our hopes, our dreams and the ways in which we have encouraged each other – through life changes and disappointments.  We have experienced a lot together, even though we are not in each other’s daily lives and I am so enriched by our friendship.

I could feel in their presence the sweet admiration, respect, and joy I feel for each of them. It was deeply fulfilling to steep in this realization and my immense well of gratitude came bubbling up as we had our last meal together.  I may not see them all the time and yet their presence fills me; the realization that I am blessed to have such beloved connections with wonderful beings is a gift and it is my gift.  I am so grateful.

I write about this love as a means of honoring and acknowledging it and it’s value to my life experience.  I know this experience and awareness of great friends and the bonds shared is felt by many, and I am not sure enough us take the time to reflect on it, while we are in it so that we can experience it and not just remember it later.

For your consideration…



“Do you want five more minutes?”

Says the sweet nail lady as she has just been massaging my hand and arm!  But, OF COURSE, I will take five more!!  I would take 100 more if I had the time and cash!

I can honestly say the quality of my life experience would be significantly impacted if all the little nail shops all over the place were to go away.  It is a quick, convenient, and replenishing respite that I can treat myself to any time.  And I love the extra five minute, okay ten, sometimes fifteen minute massage I can add on.  If they have the knack, that five minute massage can be the difference maker in my week.

I say YES! Go for the extra!

For your consideration…

P.S. I am reminded in these experiences too how much positive reinforcement brightens anyone’s day.  When I am nitpicking about not cutting my cuticles or what have you, my sweet nail lady can seem a little put off/grumpy.  When I am in awe from her talented massage and saying , “WoW!” she skips away with glee to get the hot towel.  Everyone wants to know they are doing a good job.  It’s so easy to share the love. xo

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sweet humor…

I just found an email dated March 6, 2006, from my Grandfather when I was in the midst of interviewing for Martin + Osa.

It reads:

A couple drove down a country road for several miles, not saying a word.

An earlier discussion had led to an argument and neither of them wanted to concede their position…

As they passed a barnyard of mules, goats, and pigs, the husband asked sarcastically, “Relatives of yours?”

“Yep,” the wife replied, — “in-laws.”


I hope the news from N.Y. tomorrow is good..!! Love, Gramps 

Gosh, I loved him so, so much!

I hope it brings a chuckle and a little relativity to your day too!

P.S. He wrote this in his early 80’s!



1 – Writing is my Art!

I have a yearning in my heart to write.  My grandfather used to acknowledge my writings and his praise was such a wonderful encouragement.  I began to believe in myself as a writer from him.  He was actually a beautiful writer himself and some of the letters he sent me via snail mail and email are of my most treasured possessions.  He had a way with words in that there was such clarity.  His tone was jovial, light, honest and yet he shared things that ran deep – his feelings.  He was a man that gave himself permission to be vulnerable in his writings and he took you on a journey.

I believe we are all artists and are making art all the time, we just don’t always realize it.  It might be in the way that we listen to a friend, tell a story, lead a conference call, make a bed, teach something to our child, or organize our house.  You know those things that when you do them, there is such grace.  It’s often effortless and you typically have a moment inside where you know you are shining, even just for a bit.  You feel good and that humble sense of fulfillment fills your belly.  It’s really beautiful.  Those are the moments of life.  That is the nectar.  And I say that with such a full heart.  We all deserve to experience that and begin teaching through our example that way of being.

I hold for all of us that it becomes more natural to pursue those experiences and to give ourself permission to not only excel in them as we naturally do, but also to recognize in ourselves, our art and to do more of it!  You see, we have been living in a world where we’ve been conditioned to be “good,” to obey, be quiet, fit in, and definitely, most definitely not to toot our own horn and be conceited! God forbid!  Our world is different now.  We need to stand forward in our strengths, in our art, because it gives others permission to do so and also because it creates the experience of Joy and Love. Spreading Joy and Love is in need and it is so vital to our evolution.  If you are hiding behind some false sense that you don’t have art in you or that it’s not okay to be amazing and brilliant.  Please, just knock it off.  We don’t have time to stay in that place any further. The world is changing rapidly and seeing your art, giving yourself permission to stand in it, is now.

For your consideration…

p.s. this was my 32nd post…more to come soon. :-)

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4 – Goodbyes

This will be short and sweet.  It’s more an ode to a past way of being.

I am not good with goodbyes (in the past).  But not in the way you are thinking.  I am not openly afraid of goodbyes and therefore avoid them, you know those individuals that say, “I cannot say goodbye so I’ll say farewell or see you later.”

Rather, I have been so afraid of goodbyes (in the past) that I unconsciously would obsess over there impending inevitability, in turn co-creating them sooner.  Either that or I (in the past) would create reasons to part and fulfill the goodbye because at least then I am aware and in control of when the goodbye is occurring.  Nuts, right?  I know you relate, though. At least one of you do. :-)

Here is the thing.  I experienced a lot of goodbyes when I was young.  Although I didn’t realize the effect this had on me until I was in my 30’s, that is the bottom line.  As a little girl, those goodbyes were hard.  Because I was a resilient little girl, I swept those feelings under the rug, had no conscious idea they would later formulate aspects of my personality and went about my business.  Fast forward 35 years later and I can see now how instead of waiting for an impending goodbye, I would instead quietly, slowly, unconsciously (in the past) instigate the goodbye.  Better sooner than later.  Ha!

It gets better.  I cannot really keep to the goodbye.  I have to go back and go back again because goodbye never meant forever; it was temporary then, so why wouldn’t it be temporary now?  Right?!?  Right.

Here we are now.  I am letting that go, that way of being.  I am no longer afraid of a goodbye since all of life is an impending goodbye at some point.  Our time here is temporary.  I know this and I would much rather be in it, fully in it, not consciously or unconsciously focusing on when I may not be in it.  That is just silly nonsense.  Whew!  I am so glad we cleared that one up.

Who’s next?

P.S. I release my parents from any liability or responsibility.  The therapy bills are paid and talking to God is free. :-)  I am a Soul having a human experience and all of it, all of this, is exactly on purpose.  No mistakes, no regrets.

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