8 – Love II

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Oh, Pablo, how I love thee.

Mr Neruda has an enduring lock on the words of love.  Each time I read one of his poems I am reminded of the sweetness, the Divinity and the deep sensual nature that love is.  He inspires me to remember that this kind of love, which he speaks of here, is awaiting me.  I am so grateful and my heart is open.

I know with every fiber of my being that love like this is available to each of us and more than once in our lifetime.  What’s important is recognizing it, even if it’s no longer present. Because in the recognition we can steep in the knowing that we are loved and more importantly, that we are Love.

For your consideration…

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10 – Today

Today was a tough day.  I was in touch with fear, anger, frustration and envy.  Oh, how I struggle admitting the last one.  Yes, today was that day.  I had many moments of awareness, just holding and reminding myself it is all temporary and it still was a tough day. You know those days that seem like the antithesis of those other days when you feel clear, focused, grateful, and confident?  Yep, one of those.  With all the skills I have learned through the years, I am grateful for how I worked my process (and I did work it today), and I recognize that sometimes it is what it is.

So I clarified earlier this evening that I would let sleep heal me.  I set an intention to get rest, to turn over my feelings to God and to accept.  Here’s to releasing, healing, and transcending through sleep.  May I wake tomorrow with more space in my consciousness to serve, to live into joy, and to share my heart.

P.S. You are reading this tomorrow. :-)

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14 – Meditation

I am a newbie when it comes to meditation and I spent many years thinking and claiming that I didn’t know how.  I understood the concept of creating stillness and emptying my mind and I thought since I had little luck emptying my mind, I was definitely not meditating and therefore, I did not know how.  What I have come to find out, –  that was meditation. The intention, focus, and pursuit of stillness leads exactly there.  It might be that I actually experience ten seconds here and five seconds there where I found some emptiness of the mind, some stillness.  And the sum total is meditation.  The experiencing of quieting, even intermittent with interruptions of the mind, is meditation.

Listening to my breath or even focusing on deepening in my breath by filling up my lower belly, my lung/rib area, and then my chest has been another gateway to experiencing meditation.  Doing that process five to ten times in a row will bring on a quieting.  I understand there to be all kinds of ways, methods, modalities to deepen in meditation.  I have read that true meditation is complete stillness and I have such better results when I play my “Calm – Meditation” station on pandora, set my iPhone alarm for fifteen minutes and fade away to the melodious sounds.  If I find a little mind chatter I try to go back to listening for my breath until I am no longer consciously thinking about anything.  It’s doable with some time and attention.

I recently participated in the Deepak + Oprah “Perfect Health” 21 Day Meditation Challenge.  It was a nice process and it had me wishing I could receive one of those daily emails forever.  I found that my days were just more fluid and soft.  I was able to relinquish any charged energy to the process and sink in to each day.  Because I chose to commit to the 21 days, I deepened in my overall meditation process.  One tip on that is, I threw away all the rules.  If I felt like listening to the meditation laying down in my bed, that is what I did. It was the journey and how I was going to be a passenger on it that created the foundation for a deepening, a place I could recognize and return to.

A few more benefits I would add from meditation:

inner peace – you will just feel more quiet and calm

space – is created within that can directly affect how we respond to life and living – things happen and instead of reacting, you pause before responding or better yet you don’t feel the need to respond at all

feelings of joy and abundance – in the peace and quiet we are left with our innate nature which is simple and easy to please – when you are at peace, you “need” very little.  That feeling of realizing you are whole, is pure joy!

transcendence – things that may have a had on hold on you, lift, diminish and fall away completely

gratitude – the humility and humbleness come front and forward when we gift ourselves with this time; we can be in gratitude with ourselves for doing something we didn’t think we knew how to do and this simple awareness creates such gratitude inside of us

overall mindfulness – which can directly affect the unconscious things we can do like overeat, drink or other non-self-honoring decisions

the list goes on and on…

So I offer up a new meditation offering, beginning this Monday, April 23 for 21 days.

Please join me.

For your consideration…

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17 – Peace

We are all feeling so many emotions as a result of what occurred in Boston this past Monday.  I have read many posts, Facebook updates, news articles, and prayers.  This one soothed me today and I had to share.  I hope you will take a moment to listen and take it in.  And do share it.  Those that come across it will be touched and inspired.  Thank you from my heart to Beautiful, Anita Coats!



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19 – Education

I just spent the weekend in one of the most wonderful and beautiful places I know; the class room at the University of Santa Monica.  I could try to explain why I associate these adjectives to my experience there and really the simplest way is to share that it is a place of pure LOVE.  Nothing more, nothing less.

There is something going on at USM that I don’t believe is occurring any where else on this planet.  I am sure there is healing, loving, awakening, expansion, spiritual growth, among others happening in many places and none of which are quite like the work that is offered at USM.  Learning how to heal your Self by coming into the awareness that we are all Spiritual Beings having a human experience is profound.  Think about that for a moment.  Is it possible that we are all here as Souls in bodies to learn, to ascend, and to grow? Versus being a human that also happens to have a Soul?  What is the greatest gift of living our lives?  I believe it is to experience love.  There is no doubt in my mind that our love is deeper than what a human being can comprehend.  There must be more.

I found USM in 1997 and completed their Masters Program in Spiritual Psychology in 2000. This past year (academic) I chose to audit the Second Year of the Program to reconnect and offer myself the opportunity to experience this deep work almost 15 years later.  Not only am I further along in years, but really in a much different context of how I relate to myself.  Call it maturity, life experience, the point being I was ready to take my expansion to a whole new level.  The Second Year offers up so many amazing gifts in the curriculum and not one is more greater than another.  The sum total is an opportunity to deepen in the awareness of who I am, which I now fully understand is Love.

For reasons that are still beyond my mastery to share about here, we come into this physical world and soon after, in our infancy, we begin to forget that we are Love.  As we develop who we are, our personalities and filters of life through our experiences with our families et al., we lose touch and more importantly we begin to seek love, connection, and affirmation of who we through all external ways – the expression of love of from our parents, feeling important and seen by our friends and community and then eventually the “approval” of who we are through achievement – our talents, our grades in school and later jobs, money, success.  All the while, the purest form of Love, the more exacting kind of love for each of us, and the most steadfast of all Loving we will ever find or experience is from within.  This is who we are at our core.  Love.

I learned this at the University of Santa Monica.  And I am learning how to re-learn experiencing this with myself through this education.  It’s beautiful.  It’s profound.  It’s essential.

As I was thinking about writing this post this evening this is what came forward.  And the reason I chose to express it is because I remembered they recently launched the first course of their online program which has been in the works for over a year now.  And, it’s free.  I highly encourage if anything I have shared resonates with any part of you, that you take a look.  You can view it here.

For your consideration…

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