I’m getting on the Juicing Bandwagon

I first experienced juicing with a past boyfriend who was a triathlete. Not only was he in tip top physical shape, he also was very aware of what he was putting in his body for fuel. He had a fancy Champion juicer and he showed me the ropes. At that time the Champion was really the only way to go and it was pretty pricey. I also remember drawing the conclusion that the process was pretty time intensive and clean up was big. With that, my engagement has been sporadic.

As the health revolution evolves, juicing continues to be a mainstay and the greener the better! I’m not sure that it is less time consuming or without the clean up, but a lot has been learned and there are many tips around prep and use of the machines to ease clean up. I’m so excited to get going I finally committed to purchasing my first juicer.

I’ve been on the look out for a quality machine at an affordable price. Kris Carr of Crazy Sexy Wellness has shared her recommendations and I landed on this “on sale” Breville. I read a lot of reviews and it sounded like a great deal and has stood the test of time for many buyers. Of course I loved the price point too! It may not have been exactly what Ms Carr recommended but the brand was aligned and I’m just a newbie. Plus I have experienced that most things I take care of have a very long life. (Most people can’t believe when they get into my car that its 7 years old. :-))

Anywho, I’m excited about making some green juice and I will be sure to share more soon.

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Peaches and Cilantro? Yes!

I discovered a whole new level of food with a good friend a few years back. She taught me the simplicity of working with a few ingredients and not to let cooking intimidate me. It was her art. A craft which she had nurtured and developed over many years. Her ease with cooking created many shared delicious occasions and it also served to inspire me to try new things; her mentorship provided me a sense of confidence and willingness to embark on my own art with food.

It always feels good to cook. In many ways there is an experience of nurturance it evokes unlike anything else. Creating healthy and beautiful sustenance for myself and others. What could be better? :-)

After seeing the delicious crates of peaches at Trader Joe’s, I remembered this article I tore from NY Times Magazine over a year ago. I still had it attached to my fridge door. Mark Bittman has served as a food educator for me via the NY Times over the years.

I chose the simplicity of the cilantro recipe because I liked that there wasn’t too many other ingredients to compete with the peaches and it called for a dash of cayenne pepper. I’m always drawn to some spice. Needlesstosay, it came out perfect and it was super easy.

You still have time to try a few of them!

For your consideration…

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Where is your money?

Earlier this year I began working with a financial planner for the first time in my life.  It was a personal goal that came forward to not only support myself more fully with budgeting and awareness but also because I had an opportunity to roll over some 401ks and Roth IRAs.  It has been an educational process for sure and it continues.  I have just completed all the paperwork and in that process I was receiving a lot of emails from the team and also from the website since I opted for email versus hardcopy, anything.  I found myself not wanting to deal with all the emails and yet, I remembered the main purpose of creating the relationship with the financial planner was to create more mindfulness with myself and my finances.  I was choosing to take responsibility in a more active way.

What I discovered in that experience, now reflecting was that I felt a sense of helplessness because I didn’t understand what all the emails were for and although there was a part of me that didn’t want to “deal” with them, I realized that it was because I was treating it in my consciousness as something out of my natural realm of understanding.  That feeling of helplessness came up and I just felt frustrated.  (I am trying for less emails too.)  I have since let that go.


I reached out to my financial planner to set up a meeting to review all the communications and anything that may have been outstanding.  I also took it a step further and asked him to clarify my investments in a way that I could more easily understand.  This segued into my receiving an overview of the website so I know what I am looking at and what each part (that is relevant) means.  Asking for this kind of help hasn’t always been easy for me.  I didn’t realize this.  Truly.  I tend to speak up and ask and share and often even ask for what I want.  What I found is that those areas where I may need a little extra support or hand holding, I was hesitant, almost afraid to ask.  Partially because I didn’t want to take someone’s time and also fear that I wouldn’t potentially absorb it all and may have to ask again.  I have held a self-imposed expectation that I shouldn’t “take” more time than necessary.  Whatever that means.  Yadda Yadda.

So, I feel better because I know where my money is and, I learned something about myself that I can be aware of in the future.

Connecting with a financial planner was very much on purpose for me.  It was and still is my intention to create financial prosperity and being aware, mindful, respectful, and smart with my money is a clear pathway to manifesting that intention.  Learning things about myself like where fears are getting in my way only creates freedom and spaciousness.  I am grateful for both.

Are you aware where your monies are?  Is your 401k sitting accruing some residuals unbeknownst to you?  When was the last time you reviewed your bank statement or credit card statement to see how much money you are spending on things like food?  Is ignorance is bliss your strategy?

If any of those resonate, I hear ya!  That has been my plan for years.  I switched it up this year and although I don’t always want to “deal” with all the parts, I am so glad I am anyways!

For your consideration…

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Wash Your Fruit!

Do you remember to wash your fruit?  I was just reading some more info today about what really makes something organic. Pesticides are quite rampant with the growing of our foods and if you don’t see a note of organic it’s not only possible, its probable that pesticides were sprayed on your fruit.  Learning to wash your fruit properly whether its organic or not is important!

I grew up in a Shaklee household so I always wash my fruits in water and with a few drops of Basic H.  I am not a Shaklee expert so I won’t go into all the reasons why I choose Basic H.  What I can say is that I have been using Shaklee products since I was 4 years old.  Okay, maybe my Mom was using them when I was 4 and I was benefiting from them.  :-) Now, I do purchase and use them.  I have always believed in Shaklee because their products are non toxic and all natural.  I know when I am cleaning my fruit in Basic H, I am cleansing them of the toxins that they may have been exposed to with a cleanser that is safe for me.

There are lots of brands and companies that have come forward now with natural as their mission.  All I can say is Shaklee has been here all along.  Since 1956, Shaklee has been creating products that are natural and environmentally friendly, long before it was popular to do so.

This post was inspired by this beautiful box of nectarines that I purchased at Trader Joe’s.  They were so freakin’ delicious and ready to eat.  You can see in the pic above how vibrant and beautiful they were! I had to eat them over the sink they were so juicy.  Yum!  I always feel a little high when I eat something good for me.

Now go eat some fruit!  Just don’t forget to wash!

For your consideration…

P.S. Even though I brought some to work, I wasn’t able to eat all of the nectarines.  So I cut them up into pieces and froze them for future smoothies! Double Yum!



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Who are you?

Have you ever really asked yourself this question?

I participated in a workshop this past weekend that was life transforming. I experienced a knowing of who I am in a way I never have before. It was profound and beautiful. I am just letting it assimilate in my consciousness. So that is all I can really clearly articulate about the experience.

However, I wanted to share a little experiment that anyone can do. If you were to sit in a comfortable space, close your eyes, maybe light a candle to clear the energy where you’re sitting and put your hand on your heart. If that sounds strange just remember we’re doing an experiment. With your eyes closed and your hand on your heart, ask yourself, Who Am I? (You can say it silently or out loud whichever works for you…remember it’s an experiment.)


Listen inside.

Hear the response in your consciousness.

And repeat this for about 10 minutes.

As you go through this experiment be aware of how you feel in your body and what is coming forward. No evaluation or judging is necessary here. Just be in neutral observation of what comes forward when you ask yourself the question, Who Am I?

After about 10 minutes (you can use your phone as a timer) write down in a journal or on a piece of paper what came forward.

Sit with that for awhile and see where this experiment into your heart took you.

Were there any surprises? Maybe something came forward you haven’t thought of for awhile? An expression of yourself you haven’t given permission to for some time?

Just be with this fresh insight and consider taking one action step that will bring you closer to expressing more of who you truly are.

Come on! No one else can do you like you! And, the world needs more of you being authentically YOU!

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July 1

There is something about this July 1 and it being on a Monday that really feels like a fresh start. I love fresh starts. It might be an illusion AND it works. Don’t you feel on Mondays it’s like a new beginning? I suppose if your not thrilled with your job, it won’t emote exactly what I’m speaking to and yet it is a fresh start.

Being that it is July 1, which is exactly one half of the year, there is a fresh start to the second half of the year. Anything special you’d like to experience this year? Now is a great time to declare it…whatever it is. You’ve got 6 whole months to make it happen. They say September is the “new” new year. Maybe July 1 is really the “new” new year. Independence day is just a few moments away. Why not? We’ve got red, white and blue party streamers waiting to celebrate.

It may have been a Pollyanna moment. Nonetheless I felt called to share it in case any of you are feeling kinda crappy about something you still haven’t done that you’ve been meaning to do. I know how that goes. The good news? It’s the new new years and now is your chance to make it happen.

All of this to translate: stop talking about it and do it or just stop talking about it. Maybe you aren’t supposed to do it.

Be good to you!

(A good friend says this to me almost every time we’re about to part ways. It’s a really nice reminder of how I can choose to be with myself!)

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Let’s Be in the Love


There is a lot of loving going on right now with the amazing news today! And a whole lot of singing too, Im sure.

I felt inspired to fly on the tails of this beautiful news to encourage all of us to be asking the question, “What Makes Your Heart Sing?” In the spirit of equality, freedom, and the open-heartedness that is in the air, it’s okay to be doing things, moving towards, being with whatever makes your Heart sing. Life is just too short to handle it any other way.


ps. I just wrote this blog post from my iPhone! Yes!

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I always feel more beautiful when…

I choose to honor my body when it calls me and sleep in rather than get up and start “doing” my life.

I call my Mom and choose to listen to what she has to say and share.

I hold and allow another car the space and time to come into my lane of traffic.  (I love being the person that doesn’t pretend not to see them.)

I make myself a cup of mint tea and I consciously take in it’s restoration.

I take a yoga class and instead of following every pose the lovely instructor calls, I also listen to my body and move into what it calls.

I stop and pet a four-legged friend and remember how sweet and pure their love is.

I ask for what I want with clarity and an open heart, knowing I have no attachments to the outcome.

I decide to let something go that I have been holding on to.

I ask a stranger how they are doing and mean it.

I remember to say “please” and “thank you” to staff at establishments I am patronizing.

I create time to be quiet, to meditate even if it is for a minute in my car before I go into work.

I look into a homeless person’s face and I acknowledge their being-ness.

I recall the friendship I created with my grandfather when he was alive.

I consciously take a risk and share something that may invite feedback I prefer not to hear.

I sit and listen to a classical piece of music and feel the notes in my soul.  (Adagio for Strings is a favorite.)

I remember where I came from; a place I know I will visit again.

I have come to understand (and sometimes I forget) that I feel most beautiful when I am in my heart.  When I am choosing Love with myself, it is only then I can be in Love with all else.  And this place is beyond any other dimension I can comprehend.  When I am here, I cannot understand why I would choose anything else and then I remember my humanity.  So, I continue to remember who I am – a Loving Soul and I hold in the gratitude that I get the opportunity to experience all of it.  It all leads me back to Love eventually.

When do you feel most beautiful?  I would love to hear.  Please share.


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Love III

Over the long weekend, I had the privilege of spending it with good friends in a beautiful place – the bay area, enjoying good foods, experiencing good company, all of which created blessed memories. :-)

What was most profound to me during this time with my friends was the love that I was aware of, that was surrounding me, filling me, and overflowing from me.  Call it mid-life, emotional or just conscious living, I was acutely aware and filled up by the love I have for these individuals, my dear friends.  I mean they are good people and there are many things/attributes to love about them and it was more pure than that.  It was like I was so connected to the bond that we have created over the years, the ways in which we have held for each other – our hopes, our dreams and the ways in which we have encouraged each other – through life changes and disappointments.  We have experienced a lot together, even though we are not in each other’s daily lives and I am so enriched by our friendship.

I could feel in their presence the sweet admiration, respect, and joy I feel for each of them. It was deeply fulfilling to steep in this realization and my immense well of gratitude came bubbling up as we had our last meal together.  I may not see them all the time and yet their presence fills me; the realization that I am blessed to have such beloved connections with wonderful beings is a gift and it is my gift.  I am so grateful.

I write about this love as a means of honoring and acknowledging it and it’s value to my life experience.  I know this experience and awareness of great friends and the bonds shared is felt by many, and I am not sure enough us take the time to reflect on it, while we are in it so that we can experience it and not just remember it later.

For your consideration…



I’m Sorry

Why do we apologize so much?

I recently realized how much I apologize and say “I’m sorry.”  You might be busy when I call you and I can hear it in your voice upon your answering.  I apologize.  Something didn’t come out the way you thought it would and I am involved yet not really responsible.  I apologize.  I decide that I prefer not to do something that I may have agreed to prior.  I apologize.   I am sure many of you can relate.

The thing is, how would I know you were busy when I called, you didn’t have to answer or better yet, how about I just acknowledge by sharing why I called and skip over the apology.  That might feel awkward, right?  When whatever it was didn’t go as planned, how about moving into what’s next.  There are probably great learnings in there for which an apology is definitely not merited.  And the final one, I changed my mind.  That might disappoint someone, but really I may just be taking care of myself in some way, and there is no need to apologize there either.

I understand that we often say and do things unconsciously because we learned them and/or because they are a verbal bridge, you know, like filling in a pause.  I mean, I use to say, “Like, she was all” and “Like, I know.” :-) (Okay, back in the early 80’s) And I also understand that our expression is telling a lot to ourselves and to the universe about who we are, what we are, and what we want.  The word apology by definition means to express regret or remorse for having failed or injured another.  I’d rather reserve the “I’m sorry” for when a real apology is appropriate and needed.

You might be thinking this is kind of silly and it doesn’t mean anything or you could do an experiment with me for the next 2-3 days and see how often you say, “I’m Sorry” or “sorry.”  How many times that you say it, is it truly merited, or are you just filling in space where there might not be any words needed?  Oooh, the uncomfortable silent pause.  That’s what it might feel like.

Let’s do it and report back, please!

For your consideration…


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